Suds-N-More Exclusive 10-Piece Pickle Kit

Suds-N-More Exclusive 10-Piece Pickle Kit

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Calling all chamoy pickle lovers! Chamoy Pickle Kit, delivered straight from the heart of Texas to your doorstep. A mouthwatering combination of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors that will leave you craving for more!


What's Inside Your Chamoy Pickle Kit:

  • Alamo Candy Pickle: A juicy, crisp pickle with a generous coating of chamoy sauce and a delightful mix of spices, creating a flavor explosion in every bite.
  • Takis: A rolled corn tortilla chips which offers a fiery crunch that complements the pickle's bold flavors.
  • Fruit Roll Up or Fruit by the Foot (depending on availability): Experience a sweet contrast to the spicy and savory elements with a fruity twist. Unroll and enjoy the delightful fruitiness that balances the heat.
  • Gushers: Bursting with juicy fruit flavors, Gushers add a unique chewy texture and an extra dose of sweetness to your Chamoy Pickle kit.
  • Skwinkles (flavor depending on availability): Skwinkles has a unique blend of tamarind and chili.
  • Lucas Powder (flavor depending on availability): Add a sprinkle of Lucas Powder for an extra kick of intensity. 
  • Lucas Chamoy (flavor depending on availability):Elevate your Chamoy Pickle with a sweet and tangy chammy sauce.
  • Zumba Acidin, Spicy Chili Mix: Is a delicious mix powder with a spicy touch in it.
  • Pulparindo (flavor depending on availability): A flavored tamarind candy pulp.

The Viral Chamoy Pickle Directly to Your Door:

These extraordinary flavors in the kit contains everything you need to recreate the viral sensation and make your taste buds explode.

Shipped Directly from Central Texas:

Order your 10pc Chamoy Pickle Kit today!

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